Tracerite Selenium pellets for cattle, 30g

Selenium pellets are a sustained release supplement used for the treatment and prevention of selenium deficiency in cattle. Selenium deficiency causes white muscle disease and ill thrift in cattle.

100% Australian Made.

$232.00 ($255.20 incl. GST) each

Applicator - Capsule/pellet applicator - for cattle trace mineral supplements

Applicator/Balling gun for administering Tracerite copper capsules, selenium pellets and cobalt pellets.

Physical Information

A pressed sustained release pellet for oral administration – for prevention and treatment of selenium deficiency in cattle.


Selenium 3g (elemental selenium) per 30g sustained release pellet.


Indicated for the prevention and treatment of selenium deficiency in cattle. Selenium deficiency in cattle may be associated with:

  • White muscle disease in calves
  • “Ill thrift” in young cattle
  • Poor growth rate in weaners and yearlings
  • Infertility in heifers and cows.

Pack sizes

100 – pellet pail – for Australia and Export sale


  • Release of selenium over 12 months
  • Daily weight gains of 11% to 136% when treated cattle were compared to selenium deficient animals
  • Weight gains of up to 8% higher when compared to stock receiving injectable selenium.


  • 2 pellets per cow per year dosed after animal is 3 months of age
  • Repeat yearly especially with breeder animals
  • Do NOT use in animals under 3 months of age.


Shelf life

5 years after manufacture.


Store below 30°C (room temperature) in the original container
in a dry place.


APVMA Approval Number 89438/124871. Please visit APVMA for more information.

100% Australian Made. 100% Australian Owned.

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